Cookies & Cream

$ 6.50

We strive to make our classic flavors sing with the same resonance as our Basil w/ Blackberry Swirl. We’ve spent no less time or devotion in creating a Cookies & Cream ice cream that will both delight and excite.

How it's made: First we started by researching the best chocolate wafer cookie recipe. House-made with Ghirardelli chocolate and dutch cocoa powder, these wafer cookies resemble a crispy brownie more than any store bought Oreo. We then break up the cookies and add them to our house-made vanilla icing ice cream. All to create the very best Cookies & Cream, a true classic.

Pairs with: Salty Dog Chocolate, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Coffee Bean


***A NOTE ON SHIPPING: We know that in this age of Amazon Prime, with armies of robots helping to deliver your packages, our shipping rates may seem high. 

We want to provide the tastiest and most lavishly crafted ice creams straight to your door, but there are some special considerations required in order for us to achieve that... like coolers, 10+ pounds of dry ice, and speed! 

But friends, we have excellent news for you: Fed Ex doesn't care if there's one pint or ten in your cooler so you can ship up to TEN pints for our base shipping rates!

Jump for joy! Now you can stock up for all those impromptu late night parties, last minute hostess gifts, or just for - you know - your belly. 

Ice cream that is proudly handcrafted and shipped from Denver, CO, by Humans!