Salty Dog Chocolate

$ 6.50

A medium bodied chocolate that started out as a mistake. We were supposed to be making dark chocolate but a cook accidentally turned the sea salt's teaspoons into tablespoons. It wasn't dark enough and it had too much salt and it was, well, delicious. The sea salt enhances the flavor of the chocolate giving it a fudgey brownie quality. I told them to "throw it into the dipping cabinet, call it Salty Dog Chocolate, and let's see what happens" It continues to be our most popular flavor. 


Note: Not made with salty dogs.


***A NOTE ON SHIPPING: We know that in this age of Amazon Prime, with armies of robots helping to deliver your packages, our shipping rates may seem high. 

We want to provide the tastiest and most lavishly crafted ice creams straight to your door, but there are some special considerations required in order for us to achieve that... like coolers, 10+ pounds of dry ice, and speed! 

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Jump for joy! Now you can stock up for all those impromptu late night parties, last minute hostess gifts, or just for - you know - your belly. 

Ice cream that is proudly handcrafted and shipped from Denver, CO, by Humans!